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The SIEMS features have been categorized into A, B, C, and D, giving options for flexibility according to the school's plan of choice.

Category A


Teachers can upload pre-recorded videos of a class for students to watch and also initiate a live class session where students can interact with teachers as well as other students. Unlike the traditional classroom-based method of teaching, eLearning makes learning simpler, easier, and more effective.

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Student admission

The system will manage all student admission processes. This section would be easily accessible to the parent/students, allowing the applicants to fill in their correct details in a simple format and then easily submit and then wait for approval.

Result management

SIEMS enables bulk result cumulation, checking and printing of results, student's grade management, and auto-promotion of students.

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Notice board

Keeps people informed on the recent activities in and around the school. Parents don’t need to be on the school premises to be informed of what is happening within the school because timely notification of events and other relevant information will be delivered via their mobile phones.

School fee and other charges

Parents can pay their ward’s fees and other school charges directly from their mobile application. Stress free!

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School Website

This is feature enables parents and students to get detailed information about events and activities in and around the school. The school website will provide a page for questions, complaints, and recommendations for users.

Custom electronic mail

A business electronic mail customized to the school domain ( Emails can be sent or received via the official business email address of the school.

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School session and Term management

This feature enables schools to manage their sessions and terms and ultimately produce an organized academic calendar.

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Category B

Events (school news)

Using an automated system enables students and parents to get instant notifications in a case of any change in events or school activities.

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Students attendance management

This feature allows teachers to record every student’s attendance, it is easier to monitor a child’s daily school attendance.

Class time table management

The class time table keeps students and teachers informed of their subjects, as well as the days and time associated with the subject.

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Category C

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School account Manager (for managing school revenue and expenditures)

Every money that comes from fees, other charges, donations, and expenditures of the school will be well managed in the system. The account management feature helps the management to keep track of all school revenue and expenditure in real-time.

Live chat

This will enable users to ask questions and relate easily with the school administrators. This unique feature allows the school to guide visitors on the website and solve questions crucial to parents directly. Live chat will support multiple users at the same time, using canned messages to instantly solve common requests.

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Category D

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School E-Library

The library section of the system will enable students to have access to a list of books (and possibly an electronic version of such books) relating to their class. The E-library has the potential to store much more information.