Frequently Asked Questions

What is SIEMS?
SIEMS is an acronym for “School Educational Information Management System” which enables schools to embrace the new ultra-fast technology solutions for education delivery and information management.
How do I sign up?
Choose a package above to get started. Go ahead and contact us via any of our contact channel. We’ll ask you for a few basic details about your school. Then you’re in
Do I need to pay for the integration of SIEMS?
No payment is needed for the integration. SIEMS will be integrated free of charge.
What package can I use during the trial period?
All the features of category A and B will be accessible to you. In other words, you will be given the Sapphire (Essential) package.
Does SIEMS work on all devices?
SIEMS looks and feels great on mobile, tablet, and desktop.
Do you offer discounts for a Group of schools?
Yes. Get in touch and we’ll help you out.
Do you offer a price reduction, if the number of students in a school is high?
Yes, we offer a cheaper price rate. More students, less price. Get in touch and we’ll give you more details
What happens when I decide not to subscribe to any package after the 90 days free trial?
We strongly believe in the quality and efficiency of SIEMS, we respect client decisions, therefore all user data belonging to the client will be pushed to the recycle bin until after 30 days when the data will be automatically deleted.
I have more questions
Try calling our help desk or simply fill the contact form, and we'll reach you soon.
Who Needs To Use SIEMS??
SIEMS is specially created for Schools, Parents and Students with special features to make school management, fee payment and learning easier.