Benefits Of SIEMS

The SIEMS has many benefits which include the following

Improve Fee Collection and other charges

Generate more revenue and stay competitive with user-defined fee payment schedules and collections via web and mobile applications to save time and avoid standing in long queues at the bank and school environment.

Enhance Student Learning

SIEMS uses educational module in the management electronic learning for effective delivery of lessons, management of grades, report cards and transcripts among other functions, to track the student’s performance in real-time.

Quick Response to Emergencies

Send instant notifications and emergency alerts via email, SMS, and push messages from mobile devices to provide an immediate, reliable, and cost-effective method of keeping students and parents informed on time.

Effective Resource Allocation

SIEMS Eliminates excessive paperwork, it facilitates pooling of resources, reduces staff workload, and improve class scheduling across the school.

Attendance Management

Provision of real-time access to school-wide attendance concerning classroom-based learning, which minimizes school drop-out and attrition.

Improve Interactions

Parents, students, teachers, and school administrators can easily interact with each other via a standard chat platform. chats can be sent and received via the school mobile application.

Data Management

Capture a large amount of data related to students, staff and the school in general, furthermore validating, storing, protecting and processing required data to ensure accessibility, reliability, and timeliness of the data for all users.

Streamline Administrative Process

Save time and energy in organizing school academic and administrative processes to improve efficiency. The SIEMS does not require extensive training or IT administrative skills for its usage.

Security & Control

Data security is increasingly becoming a challenge for school administrators. SIEMS will assist in managing the school database with secure access for parents, students, teachers, staff, and administrators to control and protect documents in a safe environment while curbing unauthorized access to the documents.