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The advent of information and communication technologies has inevitably redefined the education model for all students, teachers, parents, and school administrators alike. Education portals in general, are emerging as a viable option of learning and communication technology that takes advantage of connectivity and information delivered or received primarily through wired or wireless networks.

The main purpose of the education portal is to create connectivity between people and information and provide opportunities for shared cognition and social learning approaches.

Bigstack Technologies have developed a school educational information management system (SIEMS) that mimics the modern-day school process for increased throughput.

Information management in educational institutions is increasingly becoming a very difficult task. File records and important information stored locally/physically are lost due to theft, disasters like; fire outbreak, flood and other related issues that may occur.

Payment of school charges, retrieval, and sharing of information like students’ result and school notice can only be carried out physically which is quite a stressful process especially for working-class and aged parents who have little or no time to perform such task.

Classroom learning is not always suited for every student, the need for all students to be in sync when there have probably missed a class due to setbacks caused by ill-health, non-payment of school fee, family-related crises, pandemics, environmental factors like; flood, political and religious unrest.

The school administrators and teachers find it cumbersome and time-consuming especially when cumulating students’results, carrying around a large amount of paperwork among others.

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Bigstack Technologies thought it wise and developed School information and education management system (SIEMS), which will enable schools to embrace the new and ultra-fast technology solutions for education delivery and information management.

The SIEMS provides comfortable accessibility and communication with all system users in real-time. It is a point of access to various educational tools and facilities. The SIEMS generally mimics the modern-day school process for convenient education delivery.

It is important to associate the technology investment and the level of sophistication and support with the needs of the learning communities, and the commonly used information exchange mechanisms among them.

We encourage schools to seize the opportunity in creating connectivity between people and information, and providing opportunities for shared cognition and social learning approaches.